We have a complete line of equipments. All of them are specialized to satisfied our customer needs. All of our trucks, platforms and containers have air 6orks without affecting the client equipment. We carry a variety of forklift. Electric Forklift from 2 tons up to 20 tonS and LPG forklifts from 2 tons up to 40 tons. All of this units have special booms for our clients needs. We also have cranes from 6 tons up to 45 tons.

Our Equipment

  • LPG Forklift 
  • Electrical Forlifts 
  • Dollies up to 100 tons
  • Air Pads
  • Air Ride Vans
  • Air Ride Hydraulic platforms
  • Telescopic Forklift 8 ton

Some of our equipment in action.